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crimbo 2019_edited.jpg

'Anyone for tennis ? '

Quivers June 2021.JPG

The Quivers is an archery club for the disabled, we have a long association with this magnificent club.

Christmas shoot December 2019


Note the bend in the arrow, that's the archers paradox. How can something so bendy fly straight ?

Jason clout.jpg

Our resident Grandmaster shot the flag at 180 yards

Andy delivering the donuts to Ebony 008.

Hosting the archery at Baker Barracks Family Day

soft centre.jpg

The chocolate box of archery, finding the soft centres !  Well done Lysander

A demonstration of the thumb loose, as used by Genghis khan to conquer half the world. Note which side the arrow is on, the string index finger holds the arrow in situ which means you can hold the bow upside down and still make the shot.

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