The purpose of Archery is so great men and youth might

be stirred to labour, pastime and virtue,

to be plucked from idleness, unthrifty games and vice.

How honest a pastime for the mind,

how wholesome an exercise for the body,

not vile, not costly for poor men to sustain,

not lurking in holes and corners for ill men to misuse it,

but abiding in the open sight and face of the world.

Roger Ascham  1545

The Clout. Our Grand Master Bowman scored 5 x 5's and a 4 from 180 yards 

Portsmouth round on the field

target 23.jpg

The Archers Pardox, see how much the arrow bends

Alice group.jpg

The Shoot Whatever you Want round

Wand shoot, a 4'' post from 100 yards

Field Archery, good for getting close to nature, just mind the trees


The Worcester, only 5 arrows an end for this round

How many arrows will fit in the Gold ?